The uneasiness of life

20190812_023717There are days when one  totally reevaluates their existence.  When life seems to be excluding you from joy and satisfaction. When people, rather close or distance, seem to have forgotten that you exist.

Days of waiting for some thing, even some one. Some times we have no clue what we are waiting on. We just know it isn’t here!

We feel like God has forgotten us. Like our work is in vain and every decision we must make is pondered over a thousand times.

We’re unsure.

Its uncomfortable in a space of uneasiness, of distrust, of frustration, of sadness, of depression. No one wants to stay in pain. It doesnt feel good. It shouldn’t.  It’s not meant to be a permanent residence.

How do you relocate? You really dont have to put down stakes any where else. You just have to leave where you are.

It’s a journey. One that doesnt require us to be perfectly prepared. It just requires us to keep moving

Moving through the uneasiness of what tomorrow  has in store, the feelings we must sort through to find our way.

Either way you’re still making progress

I pray you stay the path even through the thorns

Stay encouraged


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