20190812_184338Yesterday, I sat in silence

A total self day of reflection at a beach watching my granddaughter play in sand.

I thought about how the word detox is rarely used but so needed in our lives. We need days of casting our cares and saying yes to self preservation  and honor.

We know we can’t pour from empty vessels but how many of us still attempt to squeeze the very last drop of our soul out for our family, our jobs, our relationships.

We think being tired is normal. We think the aches of our flesh and soul are part of the grown process. When in essence it’s our body screaming for us to recognize it is struggling!

In need of repair, desiring to be replenished. It is tired. Tired of being stretched beyond its yes. …and we know this feeling so well.

How are you filling up your souls lack?


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  1. Sharon E Robinson says:

    I go back to work tomorrow after being off since 7/29…i was tired physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When I finally let go of the worry things began to flow and open up. I began to recieve what God had waiting for me. I just had to turn it over. Real talk. Thank you for the post. Love and Respect.

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