I Speak Female is the blogspot of Stephanie Suell, aka Virtuous.

I am an Author, Artist and Activist! I’m also, a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend….whose probably been there, done that and has several t-shirts with quotes about it!  You won’t find a long bio or picture here.  I do way too much to write about, so visit my website or google me. Also, the world says I have a twin, so no need to embarrass yourself by believing “you’ve seen me somewhere before.”

Please refer a friend to my ramblings, so you can talk about it over coffee or hot tea.

Drop by my website to research me …and please leave a comment to let me know that you are reading my words. I don’t like talking to an empty room, however I do enjoy my own company!


7 thoughts on “Virtuous

  1. Colette Jones says:

    Hey Purple Rain.. beautiful site!… I will continue to pray for your strength as God pours into you so that you can pour into us.. XOX

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