Dare 26: Dare To Walk In Humility and Grace


Meditate on Romans 8:5, Philippians 2:5-8, 1 Peter 5:5-7

Have you ever known or encountered and arrogant person? What kind of effect did their attitude have on you? If people matter to God, its no wonder we are instructed to  put others before ourselves, humbling ourselves in the process. For many, this kind of living is unheard of…putting others above ourselves is unheard of.

God has a better way. Humility involves shadowing the life and nature of Christ. We need a humble heart if we are going to live in love towards others and if we are interested in honoring Christ.

God opposes us when we walk in pride. We should all desire a relationship of grace, intimacy, and connectedness. For that to happen, we must humble ourselves.

Humility does not mean lying down on the ground while everyone walks over you. Humility is a life submitted to God. Humility is saying to our Father, “You are God and I am not!” Walking in humility towards others is not that difficult to understand, it is simply putting them first.

But it can be hard, because we are selfish by human nature. But part of the Faith Dare is allowing God to shape us according to the new spiritual nature we have inherited in Christ. That nature is humble and loving. Christ gave us the true example of humility…by dying for people who didn’t care, still in their sins and so undeserving!

This is the attitude we should carry through life. Rather than feeling entitled to receive, we need to be free to give. When you have humbled yourself and place your cares in God’s hands, you have more space in your mind and heart to humbly love more people!

Today’s Dare: Humble yourself in attitude and action. If you have the opportunity today to overlook and offense…do so. Think of ways you can be more flexible and less demanding. Challenge yourself to get out of self and look for the needs of others. Listen to the opinions of others before inserting your own

Prayer: Lord teach me your way! Show me how to walk as you walked, love as you loved, live as you lived…humbly obedient and yielded. Help me be self controlled and alert.




Day 18: Dare to Live With A New Focus



Most of the time, our day starts out fine and then we may find ourselves in a funk of some sort. We start to feel emotional, discouraged, out of sorts and even a little depressed. Webster defines the word “funk” as a cowering fear or a dejected mood. The definition of funky is to be overcome with great fear, terrified or having a bad smell. Most of us can truly say, when we are in a funk…our attitude stinks!

The funk always starts with a focus problem. Every emotional hole we find ourselves in, starts with a circumstance that disrupts our faith focus. Once our focus is skewed, we begin to spin out of control. Instead of living above our circumstances as an over-comer, we begin to live down under the mess. A place where we find ourselves scared, needy and dependent on others to fix things for us.

Its time to truly fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God- Hebrews 12:2-3

So how do we fix our eyes on Jesus? How can we repair our vision? Shift our focus?

Read his word, and truly study each scripture. A funk happens when you lose perspective, by losing focus. It happens when we take our eyes off Jesus and the faithful God that He is

Focus, FOCUS AND FOCUS. Nothing can snatch you from the Father’s hand…unless you allow it. When life gets you down…LOOK UP to the God, who picks you up!

Today’s Dare: Take your position as a woman who belongs to God. Stand firm, be solid in who you are and whose you are. Don’t be afraid, do not lose hope. Redirect your focus on the one who is faithful! Dare to make any decision that will get you up and out in order to have a change of focus. Pray and ask God to help you learn from the funky place and help you move out of it!

Prayer:Lord you are the Lord of freedom, of life and of liberty!. Help me to learn how to recognize a funk when it is headed towards me. Help me guard against it. When I am tempted to slip, help me stand firm in my position as a person loved by you!

All I can say is AMEN to that!


Day 17: Dare To Live In The Miracle of Who You Are


By the grace of God I am what I am- Corinthians 15:10

We have all been to the fair and seen the contorted mirrors, the ones that distort our view…they can be pretty scary, but we know its all fun. However, the real mirrors of our lives can often be just as scary. The distorted views and images that we carry around with us…of ourselves. It warps our view about who we are. Rather than seeing the miracle that God created, we see a distorted and shameful woman who is not perfect and ashamed of her imperfections.

From the time we are a young girl, we want to know  “Who am I, Why am I here, Where am I going?” As we grow up , we long for significance, appreciation, acceptance and love. We wonder constantly if our lives have meaning and purpose. Too many of us spend our lives trying to get better at being ourselves instead of what God has called us to be. Some of us never get a full understanding of who we are at the core level, so we stay in constant search mode. It is then, that you must plant yourself in the center of God’s word

Psalm 139: 13-16

2 Corinthians 5:16-17

We often look at ourselves through our mistakes. God looks at us and sees our purpose and the miracle of himself in us. You do not have to have a title of always be doing something of significance…significance comes from just being somebody. You are already a wonderful women, created by God for his purpose!

Today’s Dare: When you look in the mirror, see God’s daughter staring back at you. Get out a childhood picture of yourself and put it somewhere prominent. Make it your Facebook profile. Each time you see it, remind yourself that although you were born in this world…you are not of it!. You have been reborn into a spiritual reality. You are no longer who you once were!

God is determining your days…you are headed some where!

Prayer: Lord , help me to stay connected to you..to the truth…that you live in me. I am set apart, so that wherever I am, you can do your will through me. Your word is living and active and planted within me. Help me live in the miracle of who I am!

God Morning My Beautiful Friend! You are one gorgeous person!


Day 15: Dare To Believe You Are Complete In God!


Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom  2 Corinthians 3:17

As women, we all long to hear the words “You complete Me”. It totally melts our heart. We all want to be loved, searching for that person or those people who will complete us, make us whole.

But what if we believed it is Christ who completes us? Or that we actually are complete because of Christ in us and his work for us? This love is really what makes us balanced, centered, secure and yes COMPLETE!

If we truly believed that we are complete in Christ, we would stop our search for something more or some one more. Many of the single women I know, would not spend endless nights in desire or lust for a warm body, because their wait would be a time of preparation!

There truly is freedom in embracing the truth that all we are and all we will ever be is now hidden in Christ and constructed by the power of Christ’s work in us. Yesterday we studied that fact, that we are perfect in Christ and can not do it by ourselves. We wear ourselves out trying to perfect ourselves, but the truth is, in Christ we are made perfect and complete. God does not judge perfection the way we do. Perfect in a Spiritual sense is one who is being completed through maturity, growth and surrender to God.

Wives: You have all that is necessary to love your husbands in a way that is meaningful to him and pleasing to God. Come to Christ daily for a complete filling of all you need for this calling

Mothers: You are complete in Christ. You have already been given all you need to be the Mother that your child/children need. God has a plan for each life you created. You are in partnership with God in developing human lives. This is high calling

In the Workplace: You have all that you need to get along with people, live in integrity and be a light! You are made complete for the all the tasks at hand. God put you right where you are, trust him to give you success in your line of work and to work through you

In Ministry: You have to claim your competence and completion in Christ. You are a Jesus follower and a difference maker because of God. Seek him daily to be filled with his power. God makes you whole, complete and ever ready for what he calls you to be.

All of life is ministry, so all of us, regardless of what we do daily, whatever our position, need to be filled daily and ready to live a life of completion by Christs power each day

Today’s Dare: Dare to see Christ in yourself and the way you view yourself and others will change. Pray for family members who are not a Christian…view them as complete in Christ. Ask God to show them to truth..ask God to show you the truth as to who you are in Christ!

Prayer: Father work your truth in me. By faith I thank you that I am enough, competent, adequate , and sufficient for all you have called me to be, because YOU COMPLETE ME!

I cant wait for the manifestation of the work that God is about to do in your life!


Day 14: Dare To Believe You Are Not Enough In Yourself


Meditate on 2 Corinthians 3:4-6, 3:12 and 3:17-18

The words “Not enough” can haunt us for a lifetime! Some of us live with that mantra all of all lives. We strive to always be more than enough…more of who we are…more of what others perceive us as.

Many Christian women have it worst, because we always trying to be perfect in a world than constantly places us under a magnifying class. As long as we are trying to be enough, we will always be about self instead of God.

Insecurities keep us at arm’s distance from others and from God. We often distance ourselves without even realizing it, believing that we can never measure up. Some women quit trying to be all that God has dared us to be and all that he has planned us to be. When this happens the enemy has won!. He celebrates and we suffer. Once was a light of hope in the promise of Christ has been reduced to a dependence of self to try to make ourselves good enough.

We can not do it on our own…it is not God’s plan for us. He never created us to be enough. He wants us to know that we are enough- because of him and his life in us!

Its time to quit stressing and look to God. He is enough for us in ALL THINGS. His spirit , which is powerful within us, changes us and transforms us from a woman of self focus and insecurity to a God focus woman with confidence.

The word competent means good, worthy, sufficient, adequate, or enough..so all though we may not not be all these of ourselves…WITH GOD, we can totally rely on Him and look to Him for everything!

God is our letter of recommendation, and he is forever writing our story

Today’s Dare: Think on this question

If I believed I am enough because Christ lives in me and makes me enough… How would I view myself differently? Would I live a different kind of life? What risks would I take? Would I be less afraid and more daring to follow Christ? Would I quit putting myself down?

Prayer: Lord deliver me from self focus and insecurity. I want to understand the significance of your life within me. I want to be changed into your likeness and to live in confidence that in you. I am enough for anything and everything you have mapped out for my life!

Dare to believe today, refuse any negative talk and thought for the next 24 hours. Be as kind to yourself as Christ is to you!

I dare you, because YOU ARE ENOUGH!


Day 5: Dare to Believe You Are Not of This World!


Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world” John 18:36

How many times have we heard Christians say ” I am in this world, but not of it!”. How many times have you yourself said this?

How many of us truly live a life that does not conform or look like the world? Sadly their are many Christians out here whose lives look similar to the secular community. They claim they are Christians yet, you really cant tell by looking at their lifestyle and behavior.

Our “me” mentality gets us trapped in habits, relationships and lifestyles that truly hurt us in the end. When we make life all about us, we don’t make room for God. When we leave no room for God, we become aligned to the world.

Psalm 51:1-12 gives hope to the hopeless….”wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my transgressions and my sin is always before me…

When we lay down our lives daily and surrender our selves completely…daily we become new creatures. Renewing our mind daily, reminds us that we God’s completely We have to stay connected to the reality of God’s love and mercy towards us and in response surrender it all to Him. God id bigger than any problem we will ever face!

Today’s Dare: Reflect on the thought of giving your life completely over to God as a surrender and a sacrifice. Examine your lifestyle choices. Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise? Do you take the necessary medical precautions? Make the necessary sacrifices to completely give your whole self to God…mind, body and soul

Prayer: Lord you made me. Teach me to live as one who is no longer about self but about the God who made me for your purpose. Only then can I become my best self. Conform me to the image of your Son and your plan for my life. I want to be a sacrifice for you!

Be blessed and be ye not conformed today!



Day 4: Dare to Live Like You Belong To God


Meditate on Psalm 100:1-3, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Do you remember that day you accepted the Jesus? I do! At the age of 13, I casually strolled down the aisle at my church for altar call. I made a conscious decision that I wanted to be saved. Afterwards, my mother laid hands on me in my bedroom and I received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues

My life changed forever from that moment. I can still remember and feel the emotional change that filled my heart! I was on fire for God! I was consumed with telling people about God, at that young age!    Over the years, the fire subsided, yet I often challenge myself to go back to that time in my life, when I was truly on fire for Christ!

When we make that decision to follow Christ, we belong to HIM. We no longer belong to the world. Our body becomes a temple of the Holy Spirit! Temple is described as a place or a house of worship. Our body is a temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, we are dedicated for a special purpose! We are set apart as Gods children!

Wow if we really took the “temple” thing seriously, would we still act the same? Would we speak the same words? How would we view our bodies? Would we eat the same? Would we allow ourselves to get caught up in abusive relationships?

Its time we took this “temple” thing seriously! Because everything else is secondary to to God..our careers, our families, our jobs. We need to live in the truth in who we are to him.  When we recognize exactly who we are in Christ and what we mean to him…our lives really begin to reflect that. We treat ourselves and others differently!

We have to recognize that following Christ, requires us to die to self daily!

Today’s dare: Truly recognize what the scripture says about you and your life. Begin to live differently in response to this truth! Remind yourself daily! I am new, I am in Christ, I am his temple, I do not belong to myself, I belong to God!

Prayer: Lord throughout my ups and downs, help me to stay connected to the truth that you live in me daily. You set me apart so you can do your will through me! Help me to take your active word and plant it in my heart. Help me remember that I belong to you Lord!

You are a new …whole…complete..walk in it!