Created Equal?


Are Men and Women created equal?

Both have equal worth, value and dignity as bearers of God’s image. Male and female are equally part of the creation that He called “man”

In an effort to not be offensive, some modern translations of the Bible have tried to obscure the gender imagery found in Hebrew text. They have substituted “human beings” etc for the word “man” and “them” for the word “him”. But in the Hebrew text, this verse clearly says that “man” equals “him” equals “male and female”

So why does the Bible call humankind “man”? Genesis 1:27 gives us the stunning truth that all humans bear the divine image- men and women bear it equally. It also states that God refers to us collectively with a singular male pronoun. In choosing the word “man” as the common name, God indicated that male and female would share a common condition for which he would provide a common solution.

God actually underlined the profound unity and equality that exist between us. This common name shows that women comes from man and is not independent of him. It shows that both sexes exist to tell the story of God and that this story is told together- with both male and female as parts of a unified whole

You see the story line of gender is not about male and female, its not about us at all, its about the man JESUS CHRIST! The man whose redemptive work applies to both sexes equally

The Hebrew word for man is adam, which is closely related to the word for ground, adamah. Its a generic term that refers to all human beings. After the fall, Adam becomes the proper name of the first male. And later Jesus Christ comes as the last Adam to redeem “adam” (mankind) and bring many sons and daughters of God to glory!

In God’s eye the female is as much a part and expression of “adam” as the male. This means that both can trace their beginnings to the dirt of the ground. Both bear God’s image fully and individually. It means that God values both equally! Because both are “adam” both are equally represented by the first man, Adam.

Both are fallen and in need of a savior and the good news is that both are equally represented by the second man-the last Adam-Jesus Christ! Together we make up the church, He loves, the bride, He sacrificed His life to redeem. Male and female  are connected. Together-united as a whole- they tell the story of the gospel

Although we are different, we are equally important to God’s plan.

When God named male and female “adam”He had the last Adam in mind. So when we appease the whims of man, we change “man” to something we think is more inclusive, but in doing that we diminish the true meaning of the word

If woman is not part of man, then how can she be represented by the first man, more importantly, how can she be represented by the last man, Jesus Christ.

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Additional Readings:  Genesis 5:2, 1 Corinthians 5:45, 1 Corinthians 15:22

Eyes Wise Open…

“31 Days of Estrogen” has been amazing! Women from all walks sharing a little of their soul.  Today, Pam Ryans, author of “Eyes Wise Open” shares an excerpt from her book and  a little relationship advice! Thank you Pam for sharing your voice!
Eyes Wise Open – The Concepts of Life!
A revolution took root on September 1st. This seed was planted years ago. The phone rang and the earth, as I knew it, tilted. It was the worst day of my life as I later discovered. Yet, I didn’t know that it was… until 1 ½ years later, maybe even later.
Dreams of shattered glass and memories of the past were released. I was left helpless and wanted to be blameless…but I wasn’t. Leaps of imagination took that very seed and grew it into the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
I call the serpent Mister. Mister was a tall drink of iced tea, as the southerners call it. Twenty-six years prior, I admired him from afar and delighted myself in just the vision. I stared with amazement as to how God could create such a creature. This creature was standing before my very eyes and I said nothing.
Two years passed and I had the pleasure to intimately dine with the glass of tea. It was a salvage experience that clawed at my being and I at his. He left marked and I was parched as Mister drifted into the wind.
Shortly after, I strolled with my little one into his place of employment. He shied away as if I wasn’t there. I later found out that he was afraid that the stroller was for him. But, he had not counted the months. This couldn’t be. The beast that preyed on both of us was standing with a grin in the crowd.
Ten years passed. Now the tables were turned. I sat at my place of employment and Mister fell to my feet. He screeched a whistle as an invitation. I ignored. We exchanged graces and mercies from varied perceptions. I laughed, he sighed. This time I was a seeped cup of tea with lemon.
Five years passed. Now we meet face to face, one prey. The savage beast that grinned in the crowed now stood before each of us and we played the game.
It was a love affair waiting. I adored him. He was finally mine. He loved me. I was finally his.
Or so I thought!
Guard your gates…your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your skin, your hair, guard you!!!
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23).
In hindsight:
I dared to glance back to see if I saw signs or was there evidence of what my future would entail. I saw no signs. So, as I journeyed back, I dared to relive the feelings and emotions of my youth and all of the Misters that “I” had allowed to stroll in and out of my life.
I had loving parents. Yet, I was looking (guard your eye-gate) for love. I wanted to rush into situations. So as I did, my appetite for love grew. To my dismay, I find that my thirst was from a seed that satan planted in my youth. I wanted to be loved. Yet, I didn’t love myself. So I did like many do, I looked for it outside of my being. I wanted to be hugged (guard your skin-gate) and “comforted”. Wow, what a revelation. Now I know that the Holy Spirit is the Comforter.
So, to this I say (guard your mouth-gate), guard your heart, guard you. For whatever your heart feels; it’s wants, it’s desires, it’s lust, you will eventually go after and create whether, positive or negative.
I subjected my dignity and respect for years….for my Mister!
To be continued……
Pam Ryans
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Just breathe, remember to breathe…

-microphone-clipart-6Only 7 more days until the release of “What You Won’t Do For Love.”  Here’s a short excerpt from the chapter entitled, “Just breathe, remember to breathe.”    Post your thoughts…

…Trey’s voice enveloped the microphone like velvet. In the evenings he took control of the airwaves. From nine pm to five in the morning, he carried listeners through the graveyard shift by playing a mixture of Old School, R & B and Jazz. In between music he took calls on important topics, mostly relating to love. At that time of night, it seemed to always be the popular topic for his listeners. He had a dedicated array of followers who called in to voice their thoughts and opinions. He leaned in close to the microphone, speaking over Marvin Gaye’s, “I Want You” as it played in the background.

“If you’re out there, call me up” he whispered in the microphone.

He clicked the “in line” button and winked at his engineer who shook his head at him from the other side of the glass. Trey put his headphones down, leaned back in his chair and listened to the smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye flow through the sound booth and the station. He loved his job; working at WDAS was the best thing that ever happened to him. He had been here for five years, moving from North Carolina, where he was once the infamous voice of weather at one of the local stations. He wanted to be in the hubbub of a great city with a love for great music. Virginia was definitely the spot. It was midway between the big cities and the Bible belt. Home to many great performers and the best Jazz and R&B Festivals, besides the Essence Festival in New Orleans. Trey loved it here… music was his passion.

Trey could sit in the studio all day and night and just play music. He knew it soothed others, but it also had a therapeutic effect on him. Playing just the right combination of songs at the right time, man… He closed his eyes and let Marvin take him away…just for a minute. He needed to clear his head; too much was going on in his life right now. As the song came to an end, he sat up to check his call board, several lights were flashing. He pressed a button while putting the next song in cue.

“You’re on the midnight ride…talk to me.”

“Yo, Trey, this Craig, what’s going on? Hey man I’m just calling to say, you’re doing your thing tonight. Playing all the ole school jams, you’re really taking me back,” he laughed.

“That’s what I do, that’s what I do. Thanks for the love Craig, I know you out there working hard. Tell everyone I said what’s up on the graveyard shift over there at Hewett’s.”

“For sure, for sure, they listening, they checking you out. I got a question?”

“Cool” Trey said “What’s up?”

“Man, I’m trying to get an understanding of what these women want. You know man, I work, and I think I’m a pretty decent guy” he laughed. “A brotha’ trying to do something with my life, but then every woman I run up on, want a thug or something I guess?”

Trey laughed.

“Trey, I’m really beginning to think these women ain’t looking for a good man to treat em’ right. I’ve been dating this chick, we been kicking it for a while….couple months. Then the other day she tells me, I’m too good for her.  I’m like TOO GOOD FOR YOU? HUH?”

“Yeah man?” Trey laughed. “Wow, I’ve heard that one before myself.”

“Yo Trey, what’s too good mean? I mean, wouldn’t you want a good man? Not someone beating you up every night or cheating on you? Laying up on your couch smoking weed while you at the job?”  He laughed. “Maybe one of these ladies can call in and tell me what the heck, “You too good for me” mean and what is a man suppose to think or do after he hear that one?  Is he supposed to lower himself to some thug mentality?  I’m just saying?”

Trey chuckled, “Craig, I’m with you on that one, I feel ya’ dawg.”

“Just wanted to get some feedback man…I’mma holla’ though.’ Keep doing your thing!”

“For sure, thanks for calling in Craig” Trey clicked the line.

“Well, you heard my man, he asked a poignant question. One I’d really like to know myself! Call in if you got some answers.”

Trey laughed, “Wow….women, that’s all I can say. Sometimes I wonder if that’s a woman’s way of saying, “You’re moving too fast and I’m just not ready. Or maybe women are just scared of a good man and the responsibilities that come along with it…like being a good woman.”

Trey clicked the audio and Norah Jones’s, “Come Away With Me”, flowed through the speakers.