Avoiding Heartache 101….

meganlungdrenlmft_Horizontal_0002Monday ‘s  “31 Days of Estrogen” comes from a young gifted writer. She is like my second daughter and the  youngest of my contributors this month! I love her way with words and her insightful wisdom. Akaycia Diamond shares some heartfelt, mature words about relationships…. Thank you Kayci for lending your voice!

Avoiding Heartache 101

The brain is a funny organ—it locks in memories of repetition even when you try your best to forget. Often times we sink into this black hole with emotions in rotation. Its all good when it comes to books and studies, but what happens when memories of romance overflow into the space reserved for intellect?…you just turned on the wrong movie! You know how there can be an actor/actress’ character that gets on your nerves, but for some reason you are infatuated with their character. Its like they are a slice of white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, 1200+ calories, but too juicy to resist.

I’ve found myself in a situation I know I can close the door on — well, until I open a new door and its in the same house. The front door entrance was clear as a bright summer day with a handle made of gold. Once I stepped into the house and closed the door, I realized the other side had no door knob. This man is so addicting. I mean my eye balls are covered with cataracts. Is there a medication out there to treat this misfortune? Seriously, I put forth quite an effort time again to let it go. Unfortunately, he has done his research on me and has a reaction equal and opposite of every action I take. Our relationship is science at its best — physics, anatomy and physiology, and the biology of the human body. You get where I’m going? Basically, its ok to enjoy the moments that take you away! Who’s to judge? Just understand what the experiences and the people in them mean to you.

Be selective with your escapades! I was told, “you don’t sleep with the person you like.” That statement has so much truth I. You will find yourself in a situation where your brain will go on vacation, since you ignored its attempts to send common sense through your blood stream. It happens too often where the sensors down below block the routes reserved for logical sensors. I can speak it because I’m living it! They say if you want to learn how to lose weight, ask an overweight person. Its the same concept. If you want to learn how to avoid an emotional roller coaster, seek advice from someone currently on the ride.

Know yourself, know your expectations, and KNOW what you are getting yourself into!

~Akaycia Diamond~

Akaycia is a first time Author! Purchase her book, A Diamond In The Rough”  on Amazon