Day 30: Moving Forward and Trusting God



You did it! It takes 30 days to form a new habit. During the past 30 days, you began the transformation of a new habit of seeking God, processing truth and finding ways to lie out God’s Word. You also practiced dying to self by choosing the right things-ways of doing life that are biblical but might be uncomfortable.

Our best fullest life becomes ours as we focus not on self but on Christ and his ways for us. It is amazing how making this change, even for a day can make a huge difference in attitude and action. But as you move forward, you can be certain of one thing: there is an enemy lurking about trying to rob you of your faith. You must purchase a security system and install it on your life! The security system is Joy. To install it, you must remove your previous system of fear, worry and doubt. Once you change service providers, your life will be safer, more peaceful and fuller. You have to make a decision to change. The offer is always open…but you have to choose the new provider.

When we do something repeatedly, it becomes a habit. When a habit is done repeatedly and well and is producing something good, it becomes the art in which we live.

Develop the at of looking up. Make a habit of intentionally choosing your focus on Jesus Christ. Focus on who He is, how faithful e is, who you are in Him. Surrender to His plan…always look up!

Your life is no longer your own. Your life is not random, it is hidden in Christ. You are protected, shielded, cared for, provided for…all by Christ!. You are covered by his faithfulness and power. To look up, focus your attention on what is biblically true rather than on what you are feeling..

In moments of stress, pain or doubt…stop. Choose instead to tell yourself what is true about you, your life in Christ and God’s love and faithfulness. Take a new position, stand firm in who Christ is and who you are to him. Look up! Look to Him! Choose to believe.

Start a new morning habit. When you look at yourself in the mirror, thank God for the truth. Say to him ‘Thank your Lord, that I am alive in YOU! Thank you for the gift o salvation. I am your work and you have prepared good works for me to do today, as I live to honor you!”

Do not give up! Do not allow discouragement to have its way in your life, fight it with biblical truth! Set your focus on faith in God!  Thank God that his grace renews you daily! Refuse to lose heart. Instead always focus on truth and look up!

Today is a new day of basic faith, one truth at a time, one choice at a time and one day at a time!

I pray that you enjoyed the 30 Day Faith Dare and that you experience God’s Love and Presence on the Journey Of Life! I pray you learn to challenge yourself daily! Trusting God with your very life and following his profound truth!

His word works! We just have to apply it!

Be Blessed!

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Until next time, stay in God’s presence!


The time I’ve spent…

10494874_10153000588244638_4172461991523438037_nI’m sitting in the mountains of Colorado evaluating my life and everything that encompasses me.  The scenic view and fresh air has clarified some things for me. It has given me a refreshed perspective on what I truly want to be remembered for when my time is completed upon God’s beautiful earth.  I have always been a scenic girl, an outdoors lover… I seem to think better when there are no humans to distract my thinking.

Although I promise to constantly blog…that too has become more of a nuisance than a purpose.  I love to write for me, so therefore I must be considered selfish with my craft. I really don’t care…I guess I am simply in that place of not caring anymore. No I’m not depressed…just enlightened. Over the course of the past two years, I have garnered a truth about relationships, rather family or friends. I’ve learned something that my Mother always shared with me….”Folks are not always genuine.”

I have become extremely happy with being alone…writing just for me. It keeps me from facing the disappointments that others bring my way. It also keeps me from trying to figure out why people behave and say the things they do.  So therefore, I shake my head and keep it moving. I’m not upset when I am not privy to the shenanigans of folks…I actually count it a privilege. I’ve found the only person whom I must give an account to….loves me regardless.  I thank God he calls me friend, no strings attached, no disappointments…no hidden agendas…

So here I sit, time well spent…thanking God for clarity…

So you ask, ‘What is the purpose of these ramblings?” It’s a simple  answer

Do the best way possible..

Peace, Love & Empowerment



Sista, I’m keeping my eye on you…

393131_517229678317761_1809405590_nI lost a little of my sparkle this week. It was snatched away by a label, an inaccurate opinion, an untrue accusation that caused me to reevaluate my inner circle. Something we must do at least once a month, if we want to maintain our sanity!  It took a minute for me to bounce back, but I did…stronger than ever!

Men tend to argue, cuss at each other and still remain “boys,” but women…well I have honestly exhausted all means of trying to understand what makes women do and say the things we do! Our hormones are winning and its time we took back the lead, because they are making us do and say things that have us looking hopelessly desperate for attention and utterly foolish! We have to do better!  Men have the upper hand on us when it comes to genuine friendship and Lord knows we can’t let them have any bragging rights!

The constant comparison trap we find ourselves in, is destroying us as a sisterhood! Our inability to be happy for or edify our fellow sister only shows the lack in ourselves!  There is truly enough happiness and joy out there for everyone. Some of us are just quicker on the draw than others, but that doesn’t keep you from getting your fair share of the pie.

We are all beautiful in our own way…our own style makes each of us unique. Truly what we do  lack, our fellow sister is sure to bring to the table. Don’t throw your coat over the chair when she enters the room!

Many women throw around the “sister” title at a whim, smiling in your face…”keeping it real” as many like to add. When in essence they are backstabbing you at every opportunity.   Harboring ill will simply because…

I don’t try to figure out why women talk about, gossip, hate, spread rumours, lies or even neglect to call or keep in touch with their so called “sisters.” I just chalk it up to our mood swings.  Perhaps some women think, a genuine compliment will distract from their own personality or beauty…

I’ve come a long way from caring about what other’s say or feel about me, however I still reflect when it happens.  I have garnered an attitude of keeping it moving….it helps when I feel the need to reach back in my past!

So I urge you to do your part to keep the word “sister” legit this month! Give a fellow sister a compliment this week! Support her business…buy her jewelry…read her book…promote her brand. Tell her she is beautiful and her make up is flawless and when you do, whip out your compact and check your appearance. I bet it didn’t detract from YOUR beauty at all!

Its time we stop using the term “sister” so loosely and really mean it when we  say it…some of us can tell the difference!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


P.S. Oh yeah here’s a poem…

 Cheap Talk

I hear you chirping,



Comparing your life to mine

Hanging outside my house

Propped up on a branch of inadequacy


Coming by daily

Peeking in my window

Taking notes on my life

Sending signals to the other birds

Who join you only on sunny days

Won’t be too long before they fly away

Leave you sitting in the rain

Then you’ll be seeking my companionship

Tapping on my windowpane

The men in my life…

1197125532348495319kumar35885_Male_Symbol_svg_hiSo I’ve been chatting with the men in my life…yes ALL the men in my life. I mean men like my father, my brother, close male friends and the list continues.  My conversation with my male friends have been informative, comical and entertaining.  Their opinions on women, children, love and life have been interesting, even when they are off the mark!

However, it is the men in my family who have been my role models. The ones who I watch and learn from. Over my 43 years, I have observed them grow through life…taking trials, tribulations and bruises. They have fallen and bounced back…and fallen …and bounced back again.

My father, my first love, has a different perspective on life. His ‘just do it” mentality has often found him in a difficult situations. Yet he eventually crawls back to the top. He has taught me that sometimes you must do what you have to do …and deal with the consequences later.  He is determined, yet stubborn,  temperamental, yet soft-hearted… comical, yet hard-headed and the death of my mother in 2006 is still fresh to him. He talks about her everyday, as if she transitioned yesterday. I can see a soft light in his eyes flicker and then lose its glow after the realization that she is no longer here materializes. It is a  love beyond the grave and he won’t be content until he sees her again.  I pray that someone loves me in that way, whether I am here or long gone…

My one and only brother has a vastly different approach on life. He waits patiently for it to bend to his whim, succumb to his desires. He often carries the weight of the world’s expectations on his broad shoulders, yet he is the epitome of professionalism. He works diligently to make a difference, waiting for the rest of the world to do their part.  At the ripe young age of 30, he is an old soul with a desire to see all at peace in the world….

Then there are my uncles, they are four different men who have four different outlooks on life . Their stories are remarkable and it is through them, I have compared my experiences with the male species along the way. The four brothers of my mother have given me an outlook that I am blessed to embrace.  I have observed them from a young girl and although I was young, I knew them, knew their lives, their loves and their secrets. I paid attention to how they responded and reacted to situations and circumstances and I took notes.

The oldest showed me what essential love looks like. A love that must be displayed, even when all is not right in your world. A love that never changes even when you are not being treated well. A love simply “because…..” He has raised two sons and others whose mothers claimed were his. As a single father, his journey has and still is not easy.  He is making it…with many prayers. He lovingly embraced a son who was not his own, yet he took on the role without a second thought. “Righting” the wrongs that perhaps he felt were of his own doing, not realizing that God’s plan was bigger than his own.  That same son, who was given to him to raise, like his siblings have made us all proud…we are all blessed to be privy to their accomplishments.

Then there is my  Uncle Mike, one who embraces life and makes the world turn on his axis. He does not succumb to the whims of anyone. Strong willed and grounded on every aspect of his life, unmovable it may seem, yet his heart is always on full. On the outside, he is solid, yet I believe that his private times are spent deep in thought on subjects that others are not aware of.  He cherishes his time and does what his heart desires, when the need arises.  From him, I have learned that time waits for no one or nothing… and ignoring foolish people and their antics keeps your blood pressure low!

My Uncle Dereyk is the most different, yet recently I realized that perhaps he is similar to me. He rarely shows up at family gatherings, yet when he does, I can see the nostalgic in his eyes. Sometimes a look of yearning or pain is evident. He dreams of moments past, places and times of long ago, people who held special places in his heart. I dare to say that he will always  be one who “wishes” for better days.  But whom of us does not long for a time when  life was just a little bit sweeter, I know I do everyday…

Finally , there is my Uncle Hank, the younger of the group, yet he is a free and a wise spirit. His journey has not been easy, but he has overcome…and still continues to do so daily.  His laughter and comical captions to life are what we all should be embracing…for even our tribulation has a funny side….we must just be able to find it.  Although he wishes that dear ones long gone could see the person he turned out to be. I dare to say they already knew the remarkable person inside, one who could beat the odds and win in the end.  My Uncle Hank, has taught me the most about life. Each time I see or hear from him , it gives me courage to stay focused on the journey.  He reminds me to stay seated and buckled in…even when the ride has stopped for you to exit at the rear..

These are just a few of the lessons I have learned, although I have many other men in my life,  these men make me the woman I am.  I am thankful they are still here…still able to be my role mentors…

Perhaps they were who I desired my own partner to be like. After 22 years of marriage, it failed due to many reasons …and I shared in the demise. This month, my life came full circle, I regained everything I lost along the three years of separation from my ex. Surprisingly, I did not think about the past….or wonder “what could have been.”  I was overjoyed and shared my testimony with the important people …which consisted of these particular men in my life.

It was then  I realized my ex never seemed to hit the mark. He was not the man who I hoped for and unfortunately it took me 22 years to figure it out or perhaps that long to walk away.

Maybe the bar was set too high from the beginning…

Peace, Love & Empowerment