Locked Love…

I am now a blogger for the Columbia, Irmo and UpState Patch! This is just one of the many blogs that I am doing in celebration of the beautiful scenery in the area. Please enjoy and post your thoughts!

I often awake at 5am to jog at the Lake Murray Dam in Lexington SC. Its a beautiful time of solace, just me, God and the shimmer of the lake’s ripples. Early before sunrise, the coolness of the day emits a surge through my body, which is beneficial in pushing my legs across the dam.  Much to my surprise, there are many others awake and alert at that time. Some are battling their exercise routine like myself, running in rhythm, jogging haphazardly and many choose to walk with their music in tow.

Every once in a while, I spot a couple whose quest is only to find a moment of silence, unrequited familiarity in the comfort of each others hand holding, whispers and eye gazes.  This morning, several couples were on that journey. I passed them as I jogged and they bid me good morning.

As I slowed down to walk across the bridge before my return home, I noticed the locks hung on the gates. Too many to name a definite number. Each one holding a message of love… It was interesting that although I have jogged this dam for a couple of years, the locks seemed to have increased over the past two months. Perhaps love is fleeting, or maybe it is becoming more paramount to attach a symbol to the burning desire within our heart.

I stopped to read several of them, thinking about the messengers. I wondered what part of the love journey they were on when they decided to leave a symbol of love locked to the Lake Murray Dam.

Some were simple hearts with names centered, while others were filled with messages, some of hope, several of despair. “I Love You’s” were intertwined with “Why’s?”  Many were messages to future loves. Questions unanswered, decisions still to be made…

All a part of the “Love” that we all go through, different stages, different places, different people, each moment seems like an eternity as we stand there.

I then realized that it really didn’t matter what part of the love journey they were on….only that they made the decision to solidify the moment, realize the change, recognize the reality and walk away….

Peace, Love & Empowerment



Sista, I’m keeping my eye on you…

393131_517229678317761_1809405590_nI lost a little of my sparkle this week. It was snatched away by a label, an inaccurate opinion, an untrue accusation that caused me to reevaluate my inner circle. Something we must do at least once a month, if we want to maintain our sanity!  It took a minute for me to bounce back, but I did…stronger than ever!

Men tend to argue, cuss at each other and still remain “boys,” but women…well I have honestly exhausted all means of trying to understand what makes women do and say the things we do! Our hormones are winning and its time we took back the lead, because they are making us do and say things that have us looking hopelessly desperate for attention and utterly foolish! We have to do better!  Men have the upper hand on us when it comes to genuine friendship and Lord knows we can’t let them have any bragging rights!

The constant comparison trap we find ourselves in, is destroying us as a sisterhood! Our inability to be happy for or edify our fellow sister only shows the lack in ourselves!  There is truly enough happiness and joy out there for everyone. Some of us are just quicker on the draw than others, but that doesn’t keep you from getting your fair share of the pie.

We are all beautiful in our own way…our own style makes each of us unique. Truly what we do  lack, our fellow sister is sure to bring to the table. Don’t throw your coat over the chair when she enters the room!

Many women throw around the “sister” title at a whim, smiling in your face…”keeping it real” as many like to add. When in essence they are backstabbing you at every opportunity.   Harboring ill will simply because…

I don’t try to figure out why women talk about, gossip, hate, spread rumours, lies or even neglect to call or keep in touch with their so called “sisters.” I just chalk it up to our mood swings.  Perhaps some women think, a genuine compliment will distract from their own personality or beauty…

I’ve come a long way from caring about what other’s say or feel about me, however I still reflect when it happens.  I have garnered an attitude of keeping it moving….it helps when I feel the need to reach back in my past!

So I urge you to do your part to keep the word “sister” legit this month! Give a fellow sister a compliment this week! Support her business…buy her jewelry…read her book…promote her brand. Tell her she is beautiful and her make up is flawless and when you do, whip out your compact and check your appearance. I bet it didn’t detract from YOUR beauty at all!

Its time we stop using the term “sister” so loosely and really mean it when we  say it…some of us can tell the difference!

Peace, Love & Empowerment


P.S. Oh yeah here’s a poem…

 Cheap Talk

I hear you chirping,



Comparing your life to mine

Hanging outside my house

Propped up on a branch of inadequacy


Coming by daily

Peeking in my window

Taking notes on my life

Sending signals to the other birds

Who join you only on sunny days

Won’t be too long before they fly away

Leave you sitting in the rain

Then you’ll be seeking my companionship

Tapping on my windowpane

Love Deciphered…

My first novel will be released on April 17th!  I’m excited, yet305976_10151832034564638_1936313678_n anxious!  You see I’m a poetry gal and although writing comes easy, I am anxious to see the thoughts and reviews on my attempt to bring a whole story to life.

“What You Wont Do For Love” has been a looooong time coming. This novel has been hanging around for ten years. It has been reworked, renamed and remade. Nine years of a long intense pregnancy that was pushed along by many close friends and family members, also my  dear brother who stood alongside my birthing bed waiting patiently for it to be released!

This book is a classic tale of love and relationships , involving several women and men who go through a wide arena of emotions and behaviors. It’s sprinkled with a little bit of everything!  Real life experiences dealing with real world issues. Tracey, Natalie, Monica, Ari and Jacki are some real characters and will truly remind you of someone you know…if not yourself!  Trey Styles?  Well you will just have to read the book to find out about him.

I must also let individuals know that this book details the good and the bad about life, there are behaviors and language that is not all becoming, however real life is not all becoming!  So if you have forgotten what it was like before you arrived or got saved, then this book is not for you. It will quickly remind you that we are all still a work in progress.

The humor in the book is untouchable, however, in the midst of the humor, I also look at  some of the serious sides of relationships and family dynamics. Issues such as domestic violence, drug addictions and alcohol abuse are deciphered as well.

As far as the characters…yes they are a mixture of people I really know! They are also from my own experiences. I will leave it up to you to figure out which is which..

The book has the awesome artwork of Mark Givens Sr on the cover. Mark is a dear Air Force friend whose artwork is beyond  fabulous. The women on the cover are a collage of beautiful female friends he has painted over the years. The design of the cover belongs to my ever talented daughter, Kayla Suell, whose patience has been unwavering in regards to my requests! The song selections within the book are from my son, the silent audio engineer behind my thoughts. I am so grateful and blessed to have their support!

Please support my endeavors and buy a copy of the book when it is released. You can get an autographed copy from my website or purchase  it via Amazon.

Part II of this book is already in the works, the characters are so lovable you will definitely want to know the rest of the story!

I  have several scheduled book signings if you are in the Columbia SC area…

Voorhees College, April 18

SC Book Festival, Columbia Metropolitan Center, May 18-19

I will also start a military base tour in July, I will keep readers posted  of my stops via my website and this blog.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts, suggestions and reviews on “What You Wont Do For Love” Send them to me at contactv@virtuousvibes.com   or you can post them here…

Thank you for sharing my journey as I attempt to decipher love…it’s been one whirlwind of a puzzle!

Peace, Love & Empowerment